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Maahi Healthy Baby Competition(Original) presented by JCI Rajkot Silver
Date: 07 Aug 2016
Place :
7th august 2016 - Health Check Up @ Jalaram Hospital , Rajkot
8th august 2016 - Prize Distribution Ceremony @ Hemu Gadhvi Hall , Rajkot

Glimpse of Events:

JCI Rajkot Silver which is a leading NGO working for youth has been organizing the Original Healthy Baby Competition since 11 years in Rajkot. Maahi being the main sponsors of the event in 2016, 725 contestants of age 1 yr to 5 yrs participated in this event. They were awarded for 5 different categories, namely

1.Healthy Baby
2.Healthy Hair Baby
3.Beautiful Eyes Baby
4.Cute Baby
5.Well Groomed Baby

Special awards were given to Twins and kids with the name "Maahi". In all 85 awards were distributed in an audience of 3000. Award distribution was graced by CEO Harshad Joshi, CFO Ramachandaran Iyer, PIB Head Dr Sanjay Govani , PES Head Dr Sanjay Patel and the Marketing Head Mr Randeep Wala. Kaiyum Baloch , Rajendra Chauhan , Jaypal Shah and Dolly Manek were also present.Several Maahi returns gifts like pens , notepads , keychains ,woven bags, Mugs , MilKOla ,Cow Ghee and Certifcates were presented to all participants.