Artificial Insemination Services (AI)

The productivity of the bovine population can always be improved by exploiting the existing genetic potential of the animals with improved nutrition, health care and management, but the maximum gain in productivity is possible only when the genetic potential of our dairy cattle and buffalo is enhanced. This genetic gain can be achieved at faster pace when Artificial insemination is adopted over breeding through natural service.


  • To provide quality AI services at farmer’s door step with using semen of high genetic disease free merit bull.
  • To provide efficient service to improve the conception rate and reduce the inter calving period.
  • To provide infertility management support to dairy farmers
  • To provide advisory services to farmers w.r.t. animal health, animal breeding and animal nutrition for creating awareness about profitable dairy animal management.
  • To capture and maintain the breeding data of all the inseminated animals linked to unique identification number.

Services provided under the Pilot Project

  • Timely, hygienic and quality AI services at the doorstep of the farmers.
  • Compulsory Ear tagging of all inseminated animals.
  • ‘21 day’ follow up service to alert farmer to observe for heat signs
  • Pregnancy diagnosis of the after 3 months post insemination.
  • Calving follow up of the animals declared pregnant and registration of the female calf.
  • Providing infertility management services to farmers.
  • Advisory services to the farmers on Animal health, breeding and nutrition.

SPP-AI Activity status in FY 2017-18

During the year 2017-18, 76,998 artificial inseminations with 100 % tagging have been performed in 2895 villages by 264 trained MAITs. A total of 3220 calves born have been registered from artificial insemination. A total of 428 fertility camps and 95 calf show have been organized.

SPP-AI Activity status in FY 2018-19

  • Functional AI Technician (cum)- 280
  • Village covered under AI services- 2973
  • No. of AI performed- 124114
  • No. of Infertility Camp organized- 405
  • No. of Calf Show organized- 102
  • No. of Calf born with registration- 15155