Ration Balancing Program

Ration Balancing Programme aims to improve production and reproduction of animals through adoption of scientific method of feeding with provision of technical inputs and services to milk producers at their doorstep, thereby improving milk production efficiency and economic return from dairying. Thus the Maahi Milk Producer Co. Ltd. proposes to implement RBP in the project area.


To create awareness amongst milk producers on optimization of animal feeding by efficient utilization of locally available feed resources at the possible least cost.


  • Improvement in milk production and quality (fat and solids-not-fat)
  • Possible reduction in daily feeding cost
  • Increase in net daily income
  • Improvement in reproduction efficiency of animals
  • Reduction in calving interval, and as a result increase in productive life
  • Improvement in the growth rate of calves, leading to early maturity and earlier calving
  • Reduction in parasitic load
  • Better immune response, hence better resistance against diseases
  • Reduction in methane emission
  • Reduction in nitrogen excretion and efficient utilization of locally available feed resources.


  • Local village youth who is 10th pass educated and unemployed; age between 18 to 35, preferably should be from same village is identified for work in his/her assigned own single village.
  • He / She is trained under Local Resource Persons (LRP) basic training.
  • LRP is visiting to the farmer’s house, which is having stall feed Milch animals.
  • LRP is registering the animal and following the project guidelines as trained in the LRP basic training.
  • LRP is giving this RBP services in his / her assigned own village.
  • LRP is giving repeat advice between 21-35 days after the registration of animals.

During the year 2018-19 till March’19, a total 231874 animals of 178744 milk producers of 3164 villages have been availed the advised by trained Local Resource Persons (LRP) and benefited under the programme. The milk producers are able to reduce / Change in cost of feeding per kg of milk by 10 % with Increase in net Income to farmers per animal per day is Rs. 31 approx. by implementing RBP Programme.